Software Safety Capability


This capability is a subset of system safety. When performing this task we will analyze the software associated with a design in order to determine the safety risk that the software may have. Our analysis skill set includes review of handwritten code, auto-developed code, firmware, and programmable logic devices.


Many of the same analyses used within system safety are utilized when analyzing a designs’ software. Analyses over-and-above system safety tasks include:


  • Level-of-Rigor Analysis
  • Detailed Code Review
  • Software Model Analysis (form of Architecture Analysis)
  • Software Test Analysis and Code Coverage Analysis
  • Memory Corruption Analysis
  • Inadvertent Jump Analysis
  • Code Complexity Analysis



Software Safety Tool Set


  • Level-of-Rigor Matrices
  • Same Tools as System Safety
  • Cyclomatic Complexity Analysis Tool
  • Code Coverage Tools (froglogic, etc.)
  • Software Design Developed Test Tools



CAGE: 68KV9 · DUNS: 966635315 · NAICS: 54-1330 · Fed EIN: 27-2120951 · MN EIN: 1518540 · SAM